Baptism information

To register your child for Baptism please complete the online enrolment form below. You are also required to attend an enrolment night here at the Parish Office in Goulburn, details are listed on the form.

Payment is to be made into either the Goulburn or Crookwell bank account via EFT depending on where you are wanting to hold the baptism. Please see payment details on the form below.

Once the Baptism has been confirmed we will send you an email to confirm the dates. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Parish office.


Baptism Enquiry Form

Surname of person to be baptised Christian name(s) of person to be baptised Their date of birth
Their gender
Their place of birth Your address Contact phone number Contact email Mother's full name Mother's maiden name Mother's religion Father's full name Father's religion Place and date of parents' marriage Names of Catholic Godparents (up to 2) Baptism certificate of Godparents (multiple files allowed)
Choose file
Names of non-Catholic Christian witnesses and their religion (up to 2) Select your information night attendance (all at 7:0pm at the Parish Office, 36 Verner St Goulburn) Select your child's Presentation day, time and location: Preferred Presentation date (recommended one week prior to Baptism): Select your child's Baptism Mass - day, time and location: Preferred Baptism Date
Consent: We request the Sacrament of Baptism for our Child. We understand that Baptism is a Sacrament which gives the life of Christ to our child and that it makes our child a member of God's family, the Catholic Church. And further: 1. We accept the responsibility of training our child in the practice of the faith and accept the duty of bringing our child up to keep God's Commandments as Christ taught us, by loving God and our neighbour. 2. We understand the need to teach our child by the example of true Catholic living, to encourage family prayer and remain faithful to the attendance of Sunday Mass. 3. We are aware of the need to prepare our child for the other Sacraments: Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation. We pray that God will keep us faithful to our obligations.
Non-Catholic Parent I find myself unable to profess my faith as explained above. I still wish my child to be baptised in the Catholic Church, and will assist my spouse as best I can in bringing our child up as a child of God. PLEASE NOTE - AT LEAST ONE GODPARENT MUST BE CATHOLIC.
Please transfer $50 administration fee as follows: .............Goulburn EFT. BSB 062-786 Account: 00014927 ...............Crookwell EFT. BSB 062-786 Account: 00014901 .................Please email your receipt to